What We Do
The foundation of 'home' dictates the quality of our lives. It reflects who we are and who we wish to be. It should be the incubator for our ideas, the nest for our loved ones, the place where we find solace and inspiration, to hear ourselves think, to better function "out there." In fact, it is the stepping-off point for all our action in the world. If we're interested in helping the planet or creating a healthy space and healthy mind, it's essential to modify our daily environment to accommodate our intention. Sometimes, however, we could use a bit of help with the process.

Pure Organics Cleaning empowers you to maintain the kind of life you want. We offer a unique service providing consultation, organizing and cleaning. Our mission is to improve life quality for our clients and the greater community by helping you make positive changes in easy steps. Whether it's cleaning, streamlining your daily tasks, putting your mind/body on track or designing healthy interior environments, we free your time, ease your mind and simply make life better for everyone.

We approach business the same way we approach our lives – sustainably. Some consider it a way of operating with integrity, but it’s not just about ideology – it’s about mature living systems. Sustainability is the practice of meeting today's global economic, environmental and social needs without compromising the same opportunity for others – now or in the future. Business Sustainability operates under the same principle with profit in mind, utilizing an integrated or "triple bottom line," which aims for full accountability in profit, people, and planet. Instead of the familiar paradigm of market exploitation, Sustainable Business operates with the knowledge that a healthy living system is not hierarchical but holarchical and mutually beneficial so that all participants can thrive. Sustainable entrepreneurs often recognize that possibly the most effective social and environmental change is done via the market.